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We got you covered.  Hair, beard, or shave.

Haircut                         $20

Classic and new age haircuts that have optional blow drying and styling. Adults get a straight razor neck shave followed by a relaxing hot towel.

Haircut &                   $35

Beard Trim

Getting both services done together saves you $5.

Straight Razor         $40

Head Shave

Head shave done with a straight razor that includes warm lather and hot towels.

Beard Trim                $20

Beard trims are performed with clippers and trimmers. From sculpting beards to taking them down to the face whatever you would like. 

Straight Razor           $40


Relaxing straight razor shave that includes warm lather and hot towels.

Facial                         $30

A nice cleansing cream followed by hot towels. Then into the massages oils and face massage followed by more hot towels.



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